Start Your Smart Mazda Drive At Bommarito South County

Mazda builds breathtaking and safe cars optimized for modern roads. The Japanese carmaker offers a full line of models. This includes compact cars and full-size SUVs. The cars are distinctly zippy with a captivating performance. Mazda employs award-winning safety features for your peace of mind.

The EPA recently recognized the brand as one of the most fuel-efficient cars in the country. The US News Journal also recognized the exciting performance of Mazda cars. The brand won the best car brand category in 2017.

There are different types of models and builds to cater to client’s needs. It also has an extensive dealer network as well as service stops across the country. Bommarito Mazda South County is the go to place for full-service Mazda dealership in St. Louis, Missouri. The dealership has an interactive online presence at

The members of staff are professional and crazy about cars. They simplify the buying process and assist you to get your dream car quickly. There are numerous options if you are looking for a new car. The dealership carries the iconic Mazda MX-5 Miata. The sporty ride redesign enhances the driving experience and comfort. You can get it with the six-speed manual or in the automatic transmission version. For the trendy and discerning buyer, the 2017 version, dubbed MX-5 RF features a power-retractable hardtop.

Besides the Mazda MX-5 Miata, the dealership also offers a wide range of SUVs. This includes the compact Mazda CX-5, the ultimate family machine Mazda CX-9, and the subcompact Mazda CX-3 SUV. The CX-5 is at the top of its class in the compact SUV category. Enjoy a roomy interior, a chic cabin, and an impressive performance.

The CX-9 has incredible fuel economy for a full-size SUV. It’s also packed with high-tech features for your convenience. The handling is smooth and unmatched, taking sharp corners with ease. The compact CX-3 handles like a small car. It’s the best in fuel economy range. The interior feels classy. The peppy engine puts a smile on your face.

Consider the Mazda 3 hatchback if you are looking for a smart trim in between an SUV and a sedan. It has precise steering, excellent braking, and a sharp cornering ability. A comprehensive and easy to use infotainment system ensures an inspired drive. It’s the perfect selection for those who prioritize safety.

The hatchback comes in two trims; Grand Touring and Touring 2.5, which features a bigger engine and a manual six-speed shift. It has impressive cargo space, and the rear seats can be folded to make more room.

The Mazda 3 Sedan is a smaller trim with four doors and a slightly less cargo space than the hatchback. The sedan looks sleek and is extremely agile with athletic handling.

The dealership’s site is available in both English and Spanish. You can get good deals and discounts during seasonal sales events. For example, you can get a ten-year nationwide warranty on every new unit.

You can also reach financing consultants through the site. Bommarito Mazda South County serves St. Louis, Oakville, Afton and Kirkwood areas in Missouri. Log in to their site and take the first step to a great investment.

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